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Marc Appling Remembrance

It’s been over 10 years since the SLC and Jackson communities lost Marc Appling to suicide. I paddled the Bear River last weekend and went past this waterfall and remembered Marc finding the rubber ducky there. Marc wasn’t necessarily a “name” in the kayak world, but I felt like he shoulda been given his history, so I wrote a remembrance in the Fall 2010 American Whitewater Journal.


  1. Scott Roach Scott Roach

    Hey Tom,

    Great write up on Marc. It hit me hard when I learned of his death. I met Marc on my first climbing trip to Yosemite in 1989 through my partner Kevin Ghean who was also taken way too early while on a climb in the alps in the early 90s.

    Marc and I did a fair bit of climbing and skiing and a little easy paddling back in the day. I miss him.

    Hope you guys are thriving.


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