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Patagonia Fishing Boots The Story

A year and a half ago I did a post with the story of the Patagonia River shoes, and at the end I “promised” to do another on the story of the Patagonia Fishing Boots.  It’s taken me a long time, but with a little help from a friend (more on that later) I’m finally able to sit down and share this tale. Firstly, I am not a fisherman.  I love all sorts of outdoor…

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An Ode to Chan Zwanzig

Many moons ago, at the beginning of the era where kayaking seemed to be exploding in popularity and some idealistic lads and lasses thought that they might be able to make a living paddling rivers, I went to the Kern Fest; an annual river festival in Kernville, which was The Rendezvous Spot for the surprising number of river lovers in SoCal, and for a week in the spring, also a magnet for people from all…

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