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Category: Skiing

An Early COVID tale

So it’s been a year since the world came crashing down on us with the advent of COVID-19, as I’ve been reminded by the media over the last couple of days.  Little did we all know on March 11, 2020 what our world would be like for the next year.  At best it’s been a bit awkward, at worst – as I heard on a story on NPR – there are people who haven’t been…

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Atomic Backland Carbon Boot Review

While generally I love fall, I have often said that the best fall season is when it’s warm warm warm….and then the switch is flipped and it starts snowing, and thus it is winter.  This keeps the trails and mountains still accessible for hikes and runs pretty late and then builds up a decent snowpack quickly that hopefully will enable some snowpack stability.  But the truth is that my ideal scenario rarely happens; more often…

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DuSkiMor Part Duex

After 25 or 30 miles of mostly shuffling on our skis through the Absaroka mountains (and occasionally actually “skiing!” it was a treat to be in our boats floating along.  We purposely put in on Thorofare Creek where the gradient backed off dramatically; like a lot of drainages in the intermountain West it was pretty continuous and not too difficult, but there were a lot of blind corners and  -again, like many intermountain creeks –…

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When Jeff Creamer sends you an email titled “potential routes” you gotta sort of prepare yourself for it.  As the most prolific packrafter in the lower 48 he’s seemingly “done it all,” from mild to wild, but applying his PhD science level mind to linking up squiggly blue lines on maps never ceases to come up with creative new adventures.  After deciding that winter in southern Colorado should not be a deterrent to packrafting, he…